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At TUSCANY FARM we firmly believe that beauty is not a luxury and that our products meet the ethical, cultural and environmental heritage of the area in which they are born. These are the principles which, from the thirteenth century, dictate the guidelines of our work.

Beauty is not a luxury

We were inspired by an ideal: to make a good beauty product accessible to everyone. Our commitment is to deliver more targeted products with high quality and high performance, so our Bio-natural cosmetics are manufactured using only 100% Certified Organic Milk. Our products focus on very high percentages of active ingredients derived from milk’s noble components (vitamins, milk protein and whey) which is stabilized and hypo-allergenic so it may be suitable for everyone.

Animal Friendly (Cruelty Free)

Our cosmetics are absolutely NO ANIMAL TESTING. For the formulation of our cosmetics, we use only materials; whose safety and tolerability have long since been tested and therefore do not require new additional testing.

Tuscany Farm Environment

Farm Tuscany has among its objectives the preservation of nature, in the knowledge that the environment that hosts us is a valuable asset to be preserved and passed down to future generations. For us, nature is an asset with which you parameter the quality of life and work; our production takes place in direct contact with nature and our commitment is to maintain it fully and possibly improve it.

For these reasons, Tuscany Farm has invested in the project "CARBON FREE PLAN" which in recent years is continuing and by incorporating the guidelines and the concerns of the Kyoto Conference.

Our commitment is to help reduce the emissions of CO2, and to do this Tuscany Farm is equipped with an ECO-BIO-ENERGY. This project, shared in various institutional levels, provides for the use of small systems with the most advanced technological applications produce more types of renewable energy. Today, this company already has in fact cleared their emissions of CO2 and in a small way helped to reduce atmospheric emissions produced by third parties.

This initiative, for us in itself is rewarding in a country that is technologicaly advanced, it's also a way to practice and give shape to a dream proving the fact that "YES, WE CAN".

Tuscany Farm 100% Local Organic Product

Each production phase is always implemented in the surroundings of our farm. We have not outsourced any thing to Third world countries, let alone those in which human rights and fundamental workers rights are violated. Our cosmetics are Bio-natural and 100% Certified Organic and we are also proud to say: 100% MADE IN ITALY.